We are small but effective.

PT LIMAS REKAYASA (LIMAS), was established since 2007 and has been steadily growing into a company in Indonesia. As one of limited liability company, LIMAS has intention to moving business in construction which varies covering among others:

  • * Building Design in Commercial and Social Field
  • * Architect and Interior Design and Installation
  • * Construction Management Services
  • * Feasibility Study
  • * Power Plant and Industrial Plant Design
  • * Mechanical, Electrical, and Piping Design
  • * Road and Bridge Design
  • * Facility and Maintenance Services
  • * Quantity Surveying Services

Since established, PT LIMAS REKAYASA has been assembled a lot of Professional Technical Personnel from various engineering discipline.

PT LIMAS REKAYASA has been proved of executing all of projects from low, middle, and high value and handle of problem solve and difficulty.

PT LIMAS REKAYASA, will and have serve the Client of Government, Foreigner, and Private Company. Today, with many of Professionals pulling together, PT LIMAS REKAYASA strong believes that it’s achievement will be followed by even greater accomplishments in the years to come.

To cope with the ever increasing business value, scope and diversity, success obviously depends on fast and proper decision as well establishment of an integrated management system.

Aiming at the optimum final results, PT LIMAS REKAYASA has succeeded to established in integrated management system for accommodating the future business. This, we believe is the only feasible mean in keeping our impressive growth rate.

Limas Rekayasa - Born To Serve Better
Suryo Andrianto (President Director
Heru Kusuma Wijaya (Director)